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161: Faces of Melbourne #9

He was Albert’s mate, bubbling through the mall.

You on Insta? he asked. I am, but I’m not sure how I might find you, I stumbled, feeling my age.

He took my phone, found his Instagram account and pushed the ‘follow’ button. There I am! Now, when I finish talking you say, ‘keep it Jaggy’. I look puzzled, until I realised he was making a video of us to beam out to his fans (of which I was now one), and on cue I told them all to ‘keep it Jaggy’.

Our photo shoot was far longer than the usual one-minute interaction I generally have with the strangers I shoot, and by the end of it I was exhausted. I told him he looked terrifying in this photo, and he laughed delightedly.

All the way from Sydney, this is Ian aka Jaggy.



I like to travel and take photographs. I like to blog about both.

One thought on “161: Faces of Melbourne #9

  1. Whoa, I bet you took a long break after that one. Talked yourself into a situation didn’t you? Max has an instagram account and finds all sorts of stuff …. he just might find you and Jaggy!

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