Samedi 29th Septembre: Paris

It was after 7pm when I took this photo, and it’s about 7:30am when I’m uploading it and the sky is just as clear now as it was last night.

This is what I see from my room at the Hotel de Lyon

Demanche 30th Septembre: Avignon

The view from my room in Avignon

I wandered into the city … through the gate at Saint Roch (pron. rock) … and came across this laneway, which, as it turns out, is not at all unusual for this amazingly old city.

One of the many tiny streets in Avignon

Lundi 1st Octobre: Avignon, Roussillon & Gordes

Wandering through Avignon early on lundi morning was a delight. The sky was blue, the air was warm, the streets were almost empty. After a tour of the Palace I went to Roussillon.

Sitting high on ochre hills
Roussillon is a beautiful town painted in ochre from the nearby cliffs

And then I went to Gordes

Hanging off the side of the hill
This is Gordes … for many people who live here it’s their summer home.

Mercredi, 2nd Octobre. Elke had a ‘continental’ breakfast when she was in Australia recently, and asked ‘which continent does this come from?’ Elke is German and the continental breakfast didn’t look like a German one. Well, the continental breakfast in Australia, I’m here to tell you, is quite like a French breakfast … imagine a table set with yoghurts and jams and nutella in little packets and butter and rectangles of cheese wrapped in plastic … and some cereal (coco pops in Paris) and jugs of juice and milk and luckily I knew that chaud lait means hot/warm milk because I almost used that instead of water for my thé (that’s tea in French). While you’re working out which is the hot water, and which cereal you want (when there aren’t any coco pops it’s a harder decision) a basket mysteriously appears on your table. Here’s what mine looked like from yesterday.

A continental breakfast … just like in Australia (except it doesn’t come delivered to your table in Australia)

Ventimiglia, Italy. Here is the view from my room – two views: one looking south, the other looking west.

The view from my balcony looking south

I took the next photo while I was on the beach (it was 6:45)  but it’s the same view I have from my balcony.

Over those hills is Monaco

I can hear the waves lapping the shore as I write this – at 7am (it’s still dark outside).

Today I’m off to Pavia.

Giovedi 4th Ottobre. Pavia.

The University of Pavia is very old!

This is one part of it – there are about 2 dozen more of these!

The Castello Visconteo – it seems to go for miles!

There’s a lot of restoration work going on here, but an amazing museum.

Inside the Castello

I only went into one museum as there’s a lot of working going on here.

From Pavia to Verona. I got to the hotel quite late so only had time for dinner and left my exploration till the next morning.

Venerdi, 5th Ottobre. Verona (at the start of the day).

There’s me, in the cake shop window.

And just a bit more historic, the Ponte Scaligero, built in the 14th Century,  destroyed in WWII, and rebuilt by 1951.

Otherwise known as Castelvecchio Bridge


Later that day I arrived in Venice.

The Grand Canal

And later still I went to Piazza San Marco

Many people take their self portraits in front of the basillica


And I finished the day with a Vivaldi concert! Not a bad day at all!!!

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  1. Hi Sharon – I have been following your travels with great interest – but things are “crazy busy” at the moment so please don’t think that my late (lack) of replies indicates a lack of interest – because it is the exact opposite !! Finishing my online application for my first passport tomorrow !! (I promised myself)!! Happy travels Lisa


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