About Me

I blog inconsistently. Sometimes I seem to have lots to say; at other times I stay silent.

I like to take photographs.

I like to think.

I like to see things from multiple perspectives.

I love to travel.

I ask a lot of questions.

I read comments on news items and blog posts, even though others tell me it’s a sure way to bewilderment and frustration; to coming face to face with the ignorance that abounds around us.

I am a mother and a grandmother.

I was an academic for many years. And now I’m not.

It’s surprising how life turns out.

Life turns.  My life has turned.  Corners, forks in the road, deviations, paths probably best not trodden but I blithely went forward.  No sense of planning for the future.  Where will you be in five years, Sharon?

No idea.

But I’m here now and feeling the need to make the most of it.

I’m musing.

And it’s cold.

11 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hello sharon
    Thank you for your free photo. I take it from Unplash. I’m from Barcelona (Spain) and I take your picture as a logo for my new company (Coaching) If you need to pay you something for that tell me please.. If you want to see what I do you can put on my facebook or in my instagram @withoutfilters.coaching.
    I have felt for a long time identified with “No sense of planning for the future. Where will you be in five years, Sharon? No idea. But I’m here now and feeling the need to make the most of it.
    I’m musing. And it’s cold.”
    My private account in Instagram is @patty_withoutfilters. Maybe you’ll understand why (accidents, cancers… a lot of big and bad lucky)
    Thanks again for your Foto


  2. Great to find you creating. I love that you think with images as well as words. I expect to see your your life continuing to unfold through your unique art of relationships.


  3. I started looking for your email address and stumbled onto your web page – as you can tell I am not blog savvy. However I have spent nearly an hour trawling through your blogs and enjoying them so much. I have now, hopefully, a tag so that I can keep up with your writings which is equal to anything I have read by some of the most famous writers. I hope one of the awards that Dabz talked about comes your way.

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  4. I too am fifty; but I am proud of it! people tell me I don’t look 50 but I don’t really know what 50 looks like so I have no answer. I am proud because I have grown to be 50; I have taken things in my stride and got through each twist and turn and arrived at the end of this particular path to achieve 2 things turn 50 and become a teacher…. maybe that is why I don’t mind being 50 I bacame both things almost simultaneously.


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