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Robbing the flower of all its colour doesn’t rob it of its beauty – it just allows us to see differently. There’s a lesson in there I’m sure.

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A return to some studio work I did a few weeks ago. I love being in the studio – working with lights and light modifiers. It doesn’t matter what the subject of the shoot is, it’s the creative process of getting the light right .. actually, I don’t know if I can explain it in words. I think I might have to let my images speak for themselves.

This is Rel, one of the models supplied on the day. This shot is ‘fashion’ as opposed to portrait, or editorial, or glamour, or beauty. Who knew there were so many styles of photography?


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I attended a photography workshop on the weekend – a ‘build your portfolio’ workshop. There were models and sets and lights and action. It was fabulous. I felt that I’d found my new home!

Over the next week I’m going to feature some of the (many) images I captured from the weekend. The first image is of Grace …

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I sit here wondering if I’ll be able to sleep tonight. My excitement is building because tomorrow I’m going to be learning more about portrait photography. Yay!! Thanks to Tim for this opportunity. 

Here’s a portrait I took of Lisa, who stopped me in the street the other day and asked if she could take a selfie with me. Strange, but quite lovely. 

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From the archive.

I’m thinking of doing more flower photography – just for fun and to continue learning about telling stories through images – and so I returned to some of my early work to see where I was ‘at’. I think I still have a lot to learn!


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162: Faces of Melbourne #10

I hung around near the State Library, again scouring faces in the crowds crossing the road, sitting on the steps, wandering into the library.

I saw her crossing the road, and the young man she was with was very quick to say yeah sure.

I asked her if she wanted to see the photo, but she said if I see it and don’t like it I might ask you to delete it. Best that I don’t see it. So I didn’t show her, but I’m pretty confident she wouldn’t have wanted me to delete it.

This is Amal.