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The tram pulled up in the city and before the doors opened I heard a beautiful voice. The workmen sitting on the steps appreciated the beautiful voice as well.


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I spot her as we walk through Myer on our way to Melbourne Central, and quickly say to Tim, “I’m going to follow her”.

But I couldn’t, not without offering to help carry her (very) heavy bag. She talked to me of her son, who had died recently, a (very) heavy burden for her to bear, and of her stroke which had caused her to forget things. We walked a few steps, stopped to talk, and walked on.

She used to work in Myer, many years ago – her first job after arriving in Australia from Malta in 1958. Her father had a Humber and would park out the front of Myer, go to the markets and then pick her up when she finished work at lunchtime.

I heard many stories, always returning to the death of her son four years before at the age of 39. She showed me photos, of him as an adult and as a child. She laughed fondly, before her eyes filled again with sadness.

I asked if I could take her photo, and she took my hand to signify her version of yeah sure.

This is Josette.


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There he sat, near the library, in the sun. I walked past, saw him, walked back.


Oh, why not?

Yeah sure, he said, with a brilliant smile that reached his eyes.

This is Sharo – yes, just like my name but without the ‘n’. We laughed at that.


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Lindsay was entertaining … himself mostly, although the man behind him was getting into it … his bag mostly … but he had been dancing moments earlier.

Well, bopping really, but no less entertaining.