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100 Strangers Project

I thought it might be timely to add a reminder about my 100 Strangers Project here.

Click here … 100 Strangers

It is going slowly, much more slowly than I intended it to, but I’ve just added a few more strangers, and there are still some more to come … so don’t forget to bookmark the site and check it out, or you can go there and follow me so that you get a notification about updates whenever I add more strangers.

Here are some other strangers that I can’t add to the project, but I thought worth sharing anyway!

1. _B080016




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Pieces of Sydney


It’s mostly warm.

Hot even, although this morning, Sunday, dollops of rain smack the windows and turn the air icy.

Friday night. The Rocks. Heat seeping from sandstone walls that contain people, noise, colour. And moments of stillness. And history.

Saturday morning before the clouds burn off: icons.

I try for a different view.


New history

2.Street lamps


3.Operatic heights