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164: Faces of Melbourne #12

There was a motley crowd gathered outside the State Library; some in the group were taking photos, some were chatting, others were standing back waiting for something to happen.

It was a camera group – a film camera group – who get together regularly to photograph the city and its people.

He said yeah sure unreservedly and told me all about the camera club and the facilities they have available. You should pop in some time, he said.

This is Ashton.


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162: Faces of Melbourne #10

I hung around near the State Library, again scouring faces in the crowds crossing the road, sitting on the steps, wandering into the library.

I saw her crossing the road, and the young man she was with was very quick to say yeah sure.

I asked her if she wanted to see the photo, but she said if I see it and don’t like it I might ask you to delete it. Best that I don’t see it. So I didn’t show her, but I’m pretty confident she wouldn’t have wanted me to delete it.

This is Amal.


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161: Faces of Melbourne #9

He was Albert’s mate, bubbling through the mall.

You on Insta? he asked. I am, but I’m not sure how I might find you, I stumbled, feeling my age.

He took my phone, found his Instagram account and pushed the ‘follow’ button. There I am! Now, when I finish talking you say, ‘keep it Jaggy’. I look puzzled, until I realised he was making a video of us to beam out to his fans (of which I was now one), and on cue I told them all to ‘keep it Jaggy’.

Our photo shoot was far longer than the usual one-minute interaction I generally have with the strangers I shoot, and by the end of it I was exhausted. I told him he looked terrifying in this photo, and he laughed delightedly.

All the way from Sydney, this is Ian aka Jaggy.


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160: Faces of Melbourne #8

He was exuberantly posing for photos with his friend in the mall, and I must admit I hesitated, but then decided to be brave.

He didn’t just say yeah sure, he cried exuberantly we has a fan!

He directed the photo shoot: take one of me full-length, Sharon; take one of me on two phones, Sharon; send them all to me, Sharon

All the way from Kenya, this is Albert.


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156: Faces of Melbourne #4

I was standing on the steps of H&M in the Bourke St mall, ostensibly listening to a busker but really using it as a vantage point to scour faces of passers by. As soon as I saw her I knew I had to take her photo. I raced down the steps, rounded the corner, and caught her just before she crossed at the lights.

Can I take your photo please?

Just me, or my friend as well? I have to admit I hadn’t seen her friend.

Just you. Yeah sure.

This is Samyrah.