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Red berries with rain … that could be the first line of a poem!

If you feel so inclined, why not craft something and share it in the comments section below.


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I can remember when my brother-in-law turned 25. He was the oldest person I knew outside of my parents and grandparents. At the time (when I was a teenager) he seemed SO old!

Today he turns 60 … so I guess he really is old now! 🙂

Happy birthday Grant.


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The theme for this week’s 52 week project was A Flower … yep, just one. Because I take a lot of flower photos, I thought I’d try something different.


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I keep returning to the sunflowers – there’s something captivating about them: the depth of colour, the detail, the symmetry of each petal (or perhaps the lack of symmetry).

As I wrote in my long post on Monday last week, I enjoy the creative process. For me, photography isn’t capturing the scene in front of me – it’s not ‘taking a photo’ – it’s creating an image with a deliberate creativity that explores and plays and experiments with light and shape and form and style and depth.

What is photography to you?