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A trip to the Dandenong Ranges has become a regular part of our life here in Melbourne. When the city starts to feel like it’s closing in, we head for the hills. Literally. Being amongst the trees brings an immediate feeling of peace. One of the gardens we visit when we’re in the area is the Alfred Nicholas Gardens.

At the bottom of the garden (and the bottom of a hill) is a lake. On the lake is an island. Linking the island and the shore are a series of bridges. On this bridge is my husband Tim. In the distance is another man, a stranger, who told Tim as he walked past that he had good taste in shirts.

I thought the symmetry was pretty neat.


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This image speaks of mystery: the rocks close in, the sky darkens, the figure leans in, searching the light.

There is story here: what is he searching for? What is left that he could find? What questions plague him, all these years later?

He searches, then turns and simply walks away.

This was no picnic!
This was no picnic!
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I generally don’t take landscape images, but when there’s a lake and it’s sunset and the water is still and the reflections are sharp, I figured … why not?


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I generally don’t take landscape images, but last weekend I had a hankering to capture flowing water using a filter to slow down the shutter speed, and hence slow down the water.

Here is my first attempt.