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I turn my attention away from flowers today to focus on my other favourite: portraits.

Alison is usually found behind the camera – you can see some of her work here – and is generally uncomfortable with being in front of the camera, especially my camera.

But yesterday Alison offered herself up for a photo shoot, and I’m thrilled that she did. I don’t often do photo shoots and so it was a real learning experience for me. Alison is funny and thoughtful and insightful and resilient and courageous. I think I have a photo that shows each of these characteristics … here are just some of them.





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156: Faces of Melbourne #4

I was standing on the steps of H&M in the Bourke St mall, ostensibly listening to a busker but really using it as a vantage point to scour faces of passers by. As soon as I saw her I knew I had to take her photo. I raced down the steps, rounded the corner, and caught her just before she crossed at the lights.

Can I take your photo please?

Just me, or my friend as well? I have to admit I hadn’t seen her friend.

Just you. Yeah sure.

This is Samyrah.