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I was in Melbourne’s Bourke St mall last weekend, listening to Gareth, a fiercely talented pianist. I looked up and noticed this man on the edges of the crowd. The next day he was there again, listening to Gareth, hovering – drawn by the beautiful music, yet seeming reluctant to get too close.

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Bikes have a number of uses. They can be used as a means of transport, as a way of carrying parcels, as garden ornaments (someone might!)

Or they can be used as the vehicle for messages … why a bike though??



Because someone is peddling a message, perhaps??

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I often take photos of strangers. I am always careful who I approach – I often spend quite a bit of time trying to determine if they’re friendly. Not with this guy. His smile told me that I had nothing to worry about.

This is Nouhe (pron. Noah). He’s from France, and I happened to catch him as he sat on the steps of H&M in the Bourke St mall (the old Post Office) on the weekend.



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Listening to buskers is easy in Melbourne – there are so many of them and the vast majority are fantastic. Just like Kit Watts. Fabulous sound and a great performer.


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I spotted Jordy – unsurprisingly, a magician – wearing this in the mall today. I take no responsibility for the milkshake song getting stuck in your head!