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153: Faces of Melbourne #1

I walk the streets scanning faces, observing body language, trying to get a feel for the character of the person. If I ask them are they likely to say yeah sure? Will they feel confronted, uncomfortable, self-conscious and if so, will they say yes anyway?

All but one of the people I asked said yeah sure.

I spent last week taking photos of people on the streets of Melbourne. Last week’s theme for the 52 Week Photography project I’m part of was portraits and even though I only needed one image, I enjoyed the challenge of asking people if I could take their photo so much that I ended up taking quite a few more.

I have favourites amongst my collection but have decided to post them in the order I took them.

On Tuesday morning I was on Collins St, about to cross King St when I saw an interesting face across the road. I decided not to cross, but to wait for him to cross to my side of the road. As he stepped onto the footpath I asked if I could take his photo. The woman he was with laughed and took out her phone to capture me capturing him.

This is Brabh, the first of my faces of Melbourne series.



I like to travel and take photographs. I like to blog about both.

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