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A couple of weeks ago my husband Tim challenged me to complete the final two weeks of his 365 project with him.

Across that two-week period I took a lot of photos and I was reminded of how much I enjoy photography.

Even though we posted photos of Melbourne icons on our blogs across the two weeks, I also took other photos.

Photographing flowers has a real appeal to me – getting up close to see flowers in a new way; not necessarily whole flowers, but textures and patterns and light and colour.

So I’m starting a project of my own. A project featuring flowers. Or at least parts of them.

I took this photo at Barwon Park Mansion. The colour and the smell were beautiful.

The perfume of this rose was delicious!
The perfume of this rose was delicious!


I like to travel and take photographs. I like to blog about both.

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  1. I have always loved flowers. I have photos of just about every garden I have lived in. Of course they are nothing as professional as yours but when I range through all my photos as soon as I come to a flower, bush or tree I can tell you where it was. Just lately I planted a Gaura (butterfly bush but not Budlia which has the same common name). Now this genus has many forms and the one we wanted to buy was the simple white one but I could only find a pink hybrid. It had a bit of a rocky start and I mumbled and grumbled about not proving a very nice specimen. After a month of very hot days suddenly my pink Gaura became a beautiful pink dancing delicate looking bunch of fine green stems that I tried every which way to photograph it. What joy in the garden are these plants that give such beauty. I also have blue salvia that also pleases the eye and hides the not so attractive parts of the garden. Also the bees appreciate this beauty too.

    Keep up your photography your photos will also be a joy to you forever.

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