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The flower’s head droops.

Its petals weighty

with age

and fragile beauty.



Its age

and fragile beauty



They're always in the process of letting go
They’re always in the process of letting go


This is the final in my seven-day series of posts featuring flowers.

I love taking photos of flowers. There are challenges to photographing flowers. I think carefully about the story I want to tell through the image – usually one of fragility or subtlety or beauty;  how much of the flower I want to capture; the angle I will shoot at (eye-level with the camera, or from on-high, or perhaps down low, or from the back …); the part of the flower to focus on; how to shade/light the flower to accentuate its core characteristics … and much (much) more.

The challenges, as well as the technical elements and the processing decisions, keep it interesting for me.

I hope this little series has allowed you to see flowers anew – in all their fragile, subtle beauty. Perhaps it has also inspired you to get your camera out, seek out a flower or two, and make some technical and aesthetic decisions of your own.

If it has, please feel free to share your images with me – I love to see how others interpret/represent the flowers around them.