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My aunt, mum’s younger sister, came to stay recently, travelling, for the first time, on her own from interstate on the train. We had a lovely week together – a mix of busy days and new adventures, and other days of rest and calm.

A few days after she left, gorgeous flowers arrived as a thank you. Aunty Jan had told the florist to choose the flowers carefully because the recipients were photographers ‘of note’. While that’s possibly over-stating things (but thank you AJ), I did spend some time photographing them.

The flowers were predominantly yellow and brightened the kitchen beautifully. Here’s just one of them in the late afternoon light…


I like to travel and take photographs. I like to blog about both.

2 thoughts on “368

  1. Thank you Sharon – yes it was a lovely week and I appreciated all you and Tim did for me. I was starting to get a bit worried because I had not seen any “Musings From the Cold” for a while but this one makes up for it – it’s lovely and you have caught the translucence beautifully.

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    1. They were just so beautiful and we put them on the windowsill in the kitchen and had the blinds up … they really did brighten up the kitchen – to the extent that I started going in there 🙂


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