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One of the entrances to St James Station in Sydney, possibly not much changed from when my parents started dating over 60 years ago (they met on a blind date at Museum Station). Being on the platform is like stepping back in time – the old-style advertisements, the tiles so reminiscent of a time long gone, except in memory. And Chateau Tanunda Brandy? It’s been around since 1880 … a little longer than St James Station, and quite a bit longer than my mum and dad!


I like to travel and take photographs. I like to blog about both.

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  1. Ah I remember it well. I used to work up Oxford Street for a year or so and Museum Station was the nearest to work. It is also not far from the War Memorial. I used the underground system many years working in Sydney – the only station that I only used a couple of times was Wynyard. Town Hall was my favourite. All the stations had tiles but each one used a different colour so it was easy to recognise where you were as soon as you started into the station. Now you have started me down memory lane …..

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    1. Thanks Aunty Jan. I love to hear stories of years gone by … so if you ever feel like writing down your wanderings I’d love to read them.


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