6 thoughts on “027

  1. what an intriguing shot! the interesting thing undoubtedly is that the blurry person in the shot appears to have different shoes on – one foot with runner type shoes and the other in high heels. Then there is the sign saying ‘lingering character’ ( great how the rest of the wording is kept out of the shot to keep only those words) … but who is lingering? the guy ( who must be your friend Tim, or the blurry figure with the odd shoe choice? I love this shot for the questions it raises, and also because i happen to be that rare thing – a person who actualy likes blurry shots!!!! blur captures motion in action, and i am intrigued as to what this interesting person with the shoe fetish was doing outside a sign saying ‘lingering character” !
    there, i’ve written a marathon comment again! 😦

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    1. Thanks so much for your comment Debbie – and for looking at the image so carefully.

      The shoes are different because they belong to two different people – which kind of ruins the image slightly because it’s much more interesting to think that one person would wear such different footwear. I’m going to leave the interpretations of the ‘lingering character’ up to you though 🙂

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      1. I thought at first there were two different people – the shape of the legs is very different – but then I couldnt see where the the two people were in the top of the foto – they seem to merge into one, which is intriguing in itself. Very ghost like photo. so in the end i decided to go with the romantic notion that one person could be so radically different inside herself – as for the lingering character, im going to decide its the guy. I really love this photo, it speaks of many possibilities and is begging to have a story written about it. Not sure how you merged the upper halfs of the two people – time lapse?? anyhow… i really must get back to work, its been nice browsing through your photos, Sharon. 🙂

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