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Interlude #3

I came across Lily quite by accident, and I knew from the moment I saw her that I wanted to photograph her.

And so I did.

Lily, a model
Lily was gracious enough to model for me

Hair and make up: Missie Villamor. You can find Missie on Instragram @missievillamor


I like to travel and take photographs. I like to blog about both.

3 thoughts on “Interlude #3

  1. Hi Sharon!

    It was so lovely to meet you and model for you 🙂 The photo turned out amazing! One of my best photos yet. (I do a tiny bit of modeling) I hope it’s okay that I’ve made it my Facebook profile picture.

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    1. Hello Lily. Yes, it’s fine to have made it your profile picture. If you ever want more photos please let me know. I’m not experienced but I’m keen to learn.


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