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Flower/story challenge. Day 3

[Day 3 of seven]

Yesterday I mentioned three characteristics of short stories: character, plot, setting. There is a fourth characteristic: theme – that is, what the story is about.

Today’s challenge focuses on theme.

The setting is rural Australia in 1946 as the world settles down after a few years of turmoil.

The characters are in their 40s, married to each other, with one child.

The theme is forgiveness.

Too many boundaries for a 60-70 word story? See how you go!


I like to travel and take photographs. I like to blog about both.

3 thoughts on “Flower/story challenge. Day 3

  1. You watch her, pegging clothes on the line, the last touch of coolness from night barely gone. Jim is there, playing, laughing. Can you say it? Even though you can never solve the maze in your body that started, back there, that instant of soundandlightand(no)pain?

    Jim runs over, a half-dead daisy today’s prize. Places it in your useless hand. Maybe now. Can you say it? Can you mean it, too?


  2. He handed her the flower and said nothing. It was a symbol of happier times. Times before they moved here; times before the world went crazy. But it was also a time before their much loved son was born. In all his forty-six years Bill had never felt so uncomfortable. Belle just stared at him, she took the flower but still the words didn’t come. Bill just wanted her to know he forgave her.


  3. He loves me, he loves me not, he loves me, he loves me not…I say these things over & over while pulling out the petals until there are none left. It hasn’t made me any the wiser and I still don’t forgive him for what he’s done but it was quite a whimsical exercise. It’s been so hard lately with the drought and the farm to manage not to mention having a child in this new world.


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