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Flower/story challenge

[Day 2 of seven]

Before I start today’s blog I want to say how impressed I am with the stories that emerged from yesterday’s flower-story challenge. They were diverse, succinct, used the boundaries cleverly, and showed imagination and thoughtfulness. Thanks to all those who created a story, I really enjoyed reading them. 





These are the three main characteristics of a story. Many authors will develop characters as the starting point of their novels (and some will go to great lengths to learn as much as they can about their characters), some authors will write plot-driven stories (many authors who write for boys will begin with plot – the action of the story). Fewer authors will start with setting, but some do so to great effect – think Nadia Wheatley and Jeannie Baker.

The challenge today, if you choose to accept it,  is to write a 50-word story with one of those characteristics in mind. Which one will you use as a starting point?

Here’s your flower stimulus … have fun!

Standing proud



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3 thoughts on “Flower/story challenge

  1. His face, creased, lined, like a roadmap to regret. His eyes are milky ponds along the way, something swimming beneath the surface, meaning just out of grasp. A glance down, to the object clasped loosely between frail fingers; the flower. A time long ago, when they danced like people should.


  2. She stood there. Alone except for the memories of times gone by. She looked toward the heavens, eyes closed, arms outstretched, trying to imagine he was there. She could smell his scent, see his face, hear his voice. She reached out to touch him but he was just a memory.


  3. It came out of nowhere, just a flash and no sound, whatsoever! I watched in amazement, while rooted to the spot, being unable to move. Could this be true? Could this be happening. Then it hit me…. Hard! Knocked me flat. This was what first love felt like and I was lucky enough to be in the way!


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