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Lesson #4

Throughout time. Everywhere.

  • Don’t wear a black bra under a white shirt.
  • Don’t sniff.
  • Use a tissue.
  • Don’t bite your nails.
  • Sit with your legs together.
  • Sit up straight.
  • Stand up straight.
  • Shoulders back.
  • Don’t slouch.
  • Hold your stomach in.
  • Ladies don’t whistle.
  • Don’t lick your knife.
  • Don’t play with your food.
  • Don’t eat Milo out of the tin.
  • Don’t tease your brother.
  • Don’t walk around with your mouth open … a fly might fly in.
  • Don’t answer back.
  • Wear clean undies every day … you might get hit by a bus.
  • Don’t be cheeky.
  • Eat your vegetables … there are children starving in Africa.
  • Don’t argue.

Just some of life’s important lessons … what are some you remember from your childhood?


I like to travel and take photographs. I like to blog about both.

11 thoughts on “Lesson #4

  1. 1. Speak when spoken to …
    2. Children should be seen and not heard
    3. Push your chair in
    4. when out- do not ask for anything wait until something is offered
    5. Look after your brother anywhere ,anytime !
    6. Use your knife and fork never ..never use your fingers!


  2. A delightful way to start my morning. My only suggestion to you Tim is that opposites attract? Alternatively, this looks to possibly be primarily a list of lessons for young ladies, as a growing young man I would hope you had a different set of lessons to follow!


  3. Oh dear… I think I fail many of the above lessons… I never sit up straight, I lick my knife (and eat mashed potato off it), I sniff, I certainly don’t hold my stomach in, and I am cheeky. How on earth do you put up with me?


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