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Getting close up to flowers with my macro lens can be dangerous, particularly when there are bees around, but I managed to avoid the bees on this rose. The depth of colour in the centre and the delicacy of the outer petals initially drew my attention. And then I noticed the water droplets from the recent rain. So much beauty in one single flower.

This was taken at the Castlemaine Botanic Gardens where the roses were so tall I couldn’t reach most of them.

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Today was my second day at my new job (yesterday being ANZAC Day) and apparently I have to go back again tomorrow!

I have a flower sitting on my kitchen window sill, waiting for me to shoot it. Hopefully I’ll get to it before it starts to fade – although there’s a certain beauty in a faded flower.

In the meantime, I’ll content myself with a flower I shot on the weekend at the Castlemaine Botanic Garden.

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Minimalist Friday. It’s the end of the work week for me – well, that’s not actually true now that I think about it. I’ve just started teaching at UTAS again (great big YAY going on inside my head right now) – just one online unit, let’s not get too excited (although I really am) – and as anyone who has taught or studied online knows, there really aren’t any days off.

So I’ll start again … Minimalist Friday. It’s the end of the week and this is what I’m looking forward to over the weekend. Minimalism. A line here, a shadow there … that will be enough for me.


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From the archive (2009).

Looking back at my early work has allowed me to reconnect with the elements of photography I enjoy the most, and has allowed me to find the excitement in creating images … an excitement I haven’t felt in a while. Stay tuned for new images. In the meantime, here’s an example of my early work when I was still new to photography.


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It’s a part of a flower that often remains unseen.

We are captured by the outer, showy petals
where the colour is.

But the insides are worthy of our focus too.

The inside of a rose has its own beauty
The inside of a rose has its own beauty
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The rain leaves a delightful legacy on its sunny yellow petals.

In the afternoon they were gone – both the rain and the flower.

One had moved on to bring relief to other gardens.

The other lay scattered over the path.