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At the photography workshop I attended on the weekend, we didn’t only take photos of one of the volunteers. We also had the opportunity to take photos of a professional model.

This is a high key photo of Emily in the wheelhouse of the boat we were using as our location.


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Here’s another photo of John from the workshop I attended on Saturday in Sydney.

I was really challenged by this workshop because it wasn’t about taking photos of strangers on the street – which is more in my comfort zone and it wasn’t taking photos of people’s faces. It was about taking photos of people in their environment and so I had to be more deliberate, to think more about composition and leading lines and the position of the subject and where their gaze rests.

And then there were the technical decisions – taking into account the quality of the light, the quantity of light and the direction of it – and setting the camera accordingly. There’s a lot to this photography caper!



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I didn’t sleep much the night before the portrait workshop – too much excitement (or something). But once I got there my nerves/anxiety fell away and I was able to fully engage with learning more about portrait photography.

We went on location to the Sydney Heritage Fleet, where each weekend one of the volunteers agrees to model for workshop participants.

John was the volunteer I was fortunate enough to shoot.

I learnt a lot and look forward to practicising over the next weeks and months.


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I sit here wondering if I’ll be able to sleep tonight. My excitement is building because tomorrow I’m going to be learning more about portrait photography. Yay!! Thanks to Tim for this opportunity. 

Here’s a portrait I took of Lisa, who stopped me in the street the other day and asked if she could take a selfie with me. Strange, but quite lovely. 

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I spotted Jordy – unsurprisingly, a magician – wearing this in the mall today. I take no responsibility for the milkshake song getting stuck in your head!