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Conversations swirl through my mind – snatches of ideas, thoughts, concepts, others’ writings and understandings.

Our house is usually quiet; just the two of us, and two dogs who don’t talk much either. But this weekend the house has been full – each of the four bedrooms occupied, then two others arrive to spend the day with us.

Conversation, laughter, keys tapping as we get down to work, cups of tea, talking over, listening, catching up, cake, determining a process, being taken in different directions because Elly is here, getting back on track because Matthew has joined us. Questions, explorations.

What do we mean when we say something is ‘hard’ work?

In what situations might we need to make the covert, overt?

What’s our purpose? (A practical rather than an existential question.)

Understanding … or at least attempting to.

Puzzling over how Todd could think I was organised.

Threads of conversation woven across a weekend.

Ideas, concepts, snatches of thoughts and understandings. Being direct, saying without saying. Rosie’s wisdom. Questioning, finding out. Multiple perspectives, some more strongly held than others. Reconciliation/forgiveness. Lisa’s questions as she seeks to understand. 



Chinese food and wine.

Threads of lives woven across a weekend.


I like to travel and take photographs. I like to blog about both.

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