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One final post about my trip

Things I learnt while in France, Italy and Germany. 

1. The money is called Euros, not dollars.

2. When crossing the road, look left then right then left again.

3. Despite how it might appear, passengers do not drive cars in Europe.

4. Go for five or ten dollar notes when it takes a while for the amount you just heard to register.

5. They’re called Euros, Sharon, not dollars.

6. Oh. Right. Sure.

7. Take small notes; 50s and higher are frowned upon in most places.

8. Wine is often cheaper than water. Drink wine.

8. Wear comfortable shoes, even if they look daggy.

9. When getting into a taxi do not try to get into the driver’s side. Taxi drivers don’t like it much.

10. The bus will come from the left. Don’t waste your time looking in the other direction.

11. Get into the passenger seat carefully – there is no steering wheel to hang on to on that side.

12. Don’t expect cars to stop just because you’re on a pedestrian crossing.

13. Scooters are able to swerve around you; cars, not so much.

14. Look left Sharon! Then when you get into the middle of the road, look right.

15. Two dollar coins are bigger than one dollar coins.

16. They’re called Euros, Sharon. It’s really not that hard.

17. Don’t take photos in supermarkets.

18. Travel first class on the trains when you can.

19. Latte means milk. Don’t order one if you want coffee.

20. In France yes is oui, in Italy it’s si, in Germany it’s jah.

21. Tea comes black.

22. Don’t get anxious, even if you get lost. Just enjoy the wander/wonder.

23. Take a coat if you’re going to Germany in autumn.

24. Learn how to say bandaids in French, Italian and German.

25. Spending a penny can cost up to a euro fifty.

26. Ha, I got it right!

27. Take a packet of tissues in your bag for the times when the WC is free.

28. Be prepared to walk your feet off. Visit as many things as you can.

29. Be prepared to be overwhelmed. Enjoy the feeling.

30. Take photos of other people when you don’t have your own close by.

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I like to travel and take photographs. I like to blog about both.

5 thoughts on “One final post about my trip

  1. Thank you for the taxi driver comment. I am relieved to know that I am not the only tourist to have tried to commandeer a taxi, causing untold mirth and confusion in the taxi rank (mine occurred at the very public venue of Charles de Gaulle airport – blush!). I, too, will miss your progressive updates, thank you!


  2. I’m sure I know the lady in the shot with the man with close cropped hair. Did you get caught out by the girl with the stripe shirt guy is giving you, that look is priceless. I’m also laughing that my descriptions include what the guys looked like…

    I’ve loved hearing of about your holiday. I went by myself in 2006 to Czech, Hungary, Germany and Scotland…
    Sorry, went off reminiscing. Anyway, back to the study!


  3. Sharon, I could say ‘you are such a dag” but then that may be rude. Never the less I feel a little bit sad that you are home and my travel (albeit virtual ) days are over. On the other hand I am glad you are home safe and sound and in time for my visit in December.
    Looking at your list I think that numbers 22 and 29 are also important advice for students beginning their uni Journey.


  4. My favourites are definitely numbers 3, 8 (the first 8), 22, and 29. Words to travel and possibly live by. Great to have you home though, so don’t go wandering off too soon!! 🙂


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