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For dog lovers

In Paris it isn’t at all unusual to see people walking their dogs. It’s not unusual to step over dog business or the streams of dog wee that seems to pour from buildings.

So I wasn’t surprised to see people walking their dogs in Avignon. But I was surprised to see dogs accompanying their owners on the train, or to a restaurant. One couple had a really big dog which somewhat surprised the lady at the next table when he showed a sudden interest in her food.

Imagine my surprise though, when I was walking up the Stada Nuova in Pavia the other day, to stop as a man and one golden retriever came out of a cafe. No, wait … not one … two. No hang on, there’s another one. Oh, and another one! Four! Four golden retrievers in the restaurant.

It seems the Italians love their dogs just as much as the French do. They take their dogs to Venice and sit with them in cafes in St Mark’s Square:

Moments before, the dog had been reading over the man’s shoulder!


And they include their dogs in self-portraits standing in front of the church.

The whole family has to be in the shot!

The dog didn’t really seem to care for that!



I like to travel and take photographs. I like to blog about both.

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