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I took my own advice.

“What do you feel like doing this weekend”, asked Tim on Saturday morning.  I had no work on, nothing to catch up on … a free weekend.  I’d even stayed home the day before and caught up with the washing and ironing (now that Mum and Dad have gone home I’ve had to take that task on again).

“I feel like going to Sydney”.

So I did.

I felt the need to connect for real, by pretending that I lived there.  If I lived in Sydney I’d pop in to visit Michelle.  Just because I live in Burnie, in Tasmania, an hour and a half’s plane flight after an hour and a half’s drive to the airport, shouldn’t mean I can’t just pop in.

So I did.

Michelle had been feeling a bit nauseous, a bit poorly.  Well, it was more than that, but that’s her story for her to tell.  She wasn’t well, and I though that popping in to visit would be a good thing to do.

It was.