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There he sat, near the library, in the sun. I walked past, saw him, walked back.


Oh, why not?

Yeah sure, he said, with a brilliant smile that reached his eyes.

This is Sharo – yes, just like my name but without the ‘n’. We laughed at that.


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Interlude #8

Eight-year old Ronan has a cheeky personality. And a beautiful smile. His caring nature has shone through since his baby sister arrived, and he loves nothing more than to make her laugh.

Cheeky boy
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Interlude #6

The second in my little series of little people with big/lovely/gentle/exuberant personalities.

Jordy’s personality fits into the lovely and gentle categories. He’s a very sweet little boy and gives the best hugs.

Gentle Jordy
Gentle Jordy
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Interlude #5

Today I start a little series of little personalities.

Actually, I’m starting with a three-year old with a BIG personality!

A little chap with a big personality
A little chap with a big personality