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Winter garden




Tim seemed to think that I might be at a bit of a loss on my day off, particularly as I have no study to do, so he asked me to take a photo of one of the two roses in bloom in the back garden.

He was right. I was at a bit of a loss, so into the cold I headed and went in search of roses. It was a bit windy, and that always makes taking macro shots of flowers challenging, but the biggest challenge was trying to keep my hands still.

It was freezing and I was shivering so much that I couldn’t hold the camera still.

I hadn’t used my 90mm Tamron (macro) lens in absolutely ages, and for a while couldn’t remember how to switch it to auto focus. Eventually I worked it out, but then discovered that I’m so used to manual focus that I couldn’t use it in auto. I switched it back to manual and tried to time to shaking to the movement from the wind. I suppose I could have used the tripod … hindsight’s a wonderful thing!

Anyway, here are two shots from my winter garden.