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A diversion today. And a change of format.

Yesterday, while wandering through Birrarung Marr (beside the Yarra River in Melbourne) we spotted a man on a bike in front of a rock, thusly:


He was balancing in a determined way, and then with a surge of energy he manoeuvred his bike onto the rock, thusly:


Wow, we thought audibly. But he wasn’t finished. He then did this:


A crowd had gathered by this time, and as we stood and watched in awe, he went through the whole balancing act in the opposite direction, jumping … yes, jumping … his bike from one rock to another.

And just in case you don’t believe me, here’s proof that he can do it in reverse:

That's the balancing man, balancing the other way.
That’s the balancing man, balancing the other way.

His feat left me with a few questions: how do you learn you can do that? What kind of kid was he in school? How did his teachers treat him, and encourage him, and help develop his skill?

These are not rhetorical questions … feel free to share your thoughts.