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I didn’t sleep much the night before the portrait workshop – too much excitement (or something). But once I got there my nerves/anxiety fell away and I was able to fully engage with learning more about portrait photography.

We went on location to the Sydney Heritage Fleet, where each weekend one of the volunteers agrees to model for workshop participants.

John was the volunteer I was fortunate enough to shoot.

I learnt a lot and look forward to practicising over the next weeks and months.


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I turn my attention away from flowers today to focus on my other favourite: portraits.

Alison is usually found behind the camera – you can see some of her work here – and is generally uncomfortable with being in front of the camera, especially my camera.

But yesterday Alison offered herself up for a photo shoot, and I’m thrilled that she did. I don’t often do photo shoots and so it was a real learning experience for me. Alison is funny and thoughtful and insightful and resilient and courageous. I think I have a photo that shows each of these characteristics … here are just some of them.





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Interlude #7

Here’s another little person with a big personality.

Seven-year old Jack has a strong mind and a strong body – made stronger by Shen Martial Arts. He’s a lovely boy to spend time with one-on-one; he’s interested in the world around him and that makes for interesting conversations.

Striking a Shen pose
Striking a Shen pose
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Interlude #6

The second in my little series of little people with big/lovely/gentle/exuberant personalities.

Jordy’s personality fits into the lovely and gentle categories. He’s a very sweet little boy and gives the best hugs.

Gentle Jordy
Gentle Jordy
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Interlude #2

I mentioned yesterday that I love taking portraits, and that my husband is my only model.

I don’t think I told a fib because the beautiful girls in this shot didn’t model for me.

I just happened to catch them in a candid moment …

A new mum in love with her baby
A new mum in love with her baby
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Interlude #1

Second on my list of favourite things to photograph, after flowers, is portraits.

I am not at all skilled in the art of portrait photography, but I am keen to learn.

Here is an early attempt at a black and white portrait (my favourite kind).

Tim is my only model at the moment (lucky he's a good one!)
Looking good in black and white


My husband, Tim, is my one and only model. If you’re keen to let me practice on you, sing out!