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Getting close up to flowers with my macro lens can be dangerous, particularly when there are bees around, but I managed to avoid the bees on this rose. The depth of colour in the centre and the delicacy of the outer petals initially drew my attention. And then I noticed the water droplets from the recent rain. So much beauty in one single flower.

This was taken at the Castlemaine Botanic Gardens where the roses were so tall I couldn’t reach most of them.

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From the archive (2009).

Looking back at my early work has allowed me to reconnect with the elements of photography I enjoy the most, and has allowed me to find the excitement in creating images … an excitement I haven’t felt in a while. Stay tuned for new images. In the meantime, here’s an example of my early work when I was still new to photography.


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Some buy cupcakes and coffee to eat and drink …

I buy them to photograph.


Or to be quite honest, I photograph what Tim buys to eat, drink and photograph!