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There was a man in Sydney’s Hyde Park, playing an instrument that makes the fountain work.

Well, that’s what I like to think anyway.

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Listening to buskers is easy in Melbourne – there are so many of them and the vast majority are fantastic. Just like Kit Watts. Fabulous sound and a great performer.


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The tram pulled up in the city and before the doors opened I heard a beautiful voice. The workmen sitting on the steps appreciated the beautiful voice as well.


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We had four seasons today – one minute it was fine, the next it was hailing. Then the wind would howl, a roll of thunder, and torrential rain.

Then the sun came out again.


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Just for Mum

Hi Mum,

I thought of you especially today when I was wondering around St Mark’s Square. There were loads of people and I wasn’t sure what to do. Other people were taking photos of themselves and each other in front of the basillica, or in front of anything really. Kids were chasing the pigeons, adults were being told off for feeding them (the pigeons, not the kids), some had pigeons sitting on their head or shoulders.

This man was told off repeatedly for feeding the pigeons.

I was asked by loads of people to take photos of them with their cameras. Others I just took with mine …

This couple asked me to take a photo with their camera too.

I became aware of music. There are cafes in the square with orchestras playing and gorgeous waiters in white coats and black bowties. I saw a couple dancing

What better way to move around the square.

I wandered closer to the cafe and looked at the menu. The prices were out of this world, but then I thought “If mum was here with me, we’d be in there like a shot” … so Mum, I played ladies and thought of you while I drank my Darjeerling tea with lemon and listened to the beautiful music.

Playing ladies with(out) Mum

How about next year we do it for real?