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A week to treasure with my six year-old granddaughter who lives in Tasmania. It was a week of firsts for her: riding up the top of a double-decker bus, hanging upside down on the Pharaoh’s Curse ride at Luna Park, seeing penguins and unicornfish and a crocodile and so much more at the aquarium, travelling up 88 floors to the viewing deck of the Eureka Tower, travelling on the Spirit of Tasmania, touching on and off her Myki like she’d been doing it all her life, going to the movies, meeting Peppa Pig, going to the 1903 Circus at the Regent Theatre … all that and much much more.

And despite all those firsts – which she thoroughly enjoyed – she seemed to get almost as much pleasure going up and down the escalator whenever we came across one.

She also found pleasure in taking photos. We’d find her in shops, taking photos of ‘pretty dresses’, getting the angle right on the ‘rainbow wall’ near Melbourne Central, and placing her feet so that the reflection of them lined up with the pedestrian crossing three floors below. Here she is at the Eureka Tower …


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Icons of Melbourne #12

I remember taking a photo of my two daughters in front of Luna Park sometime in the early 90s when we were waiting for the boat back to Tassie. I’d taken photos of others in the same place, but it wasn’t till my most recent visit that I realised that I’d never actually been inside before.

Come in ... I don't bite!
Come in … I don’t bite!


So I went inside … here are a few images of what I found in there.

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Tim visited at a different time, and his view is quite different. See it here.