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A trip to the Rhododendron Garden in the Dandenong Ranges today – no flowers out yet, but some wonderful colours in the trees.

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In Sydney’s Blythe St, a hoarding around a building invites me into another world.

I like Sydney.
I like the parks in the centre of the city, and the gardens at the edges.
I like the expanse of the harbour, and the ferries dotted across it.
I like the iconic buildings and structures, and the mix of old and new – sandstone rubbing shoulders with and being dwarfed by glass and steel.
I like the spaces to sit and eat lunch outside with colleagues or on your own, the breadth of Martin Place.
And I like that Martin Place always brings to mind Les Murray’s An absolutely ordinary rainbow.
It too invites me into another world.

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If you have an Apple device of any kind you’ll be familiar with the photo icon.

This flower looks just like it!


The man I bought it from said that the growers feed these flowers ‘special medicine’ to get them to take on these colours.

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We emerge from the cool of the rainforest to the dusty heat of a different type of Australian landscape. Lizards stretch full length on the rocks above the waterfall and soak up the sun.

And paper daisies lift their heads and spread their warmth.

Bursts of colour to enliven the landscape
Bursts of colour to enliven the landscape