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I took this photo on the sly – which isn’t my usual style. I usually like to make sure that my subjects know I’m photographing them … so when I checked it to see what he looked like on camera, I asked if I could take his photo. He shrugged – I’m not sure if he was noncommittal or just didn’t understand me. I asked his name and he shrugged again. I like to think that he didn’t speak English rather than him wanting to ignore me.

But he has a great face, doesn’t he?


There’s another photo of him on my Instagram account.

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Interlude #2

I mentioned yesterday that I love taking portraits, and that my husband is my only model.

I don’t think I told a fib because the beautiful girls in this shot didn’t model for me.

I just happened to catch them in a candid moment …

A new mum in love with her baby
A new mum in love with her baby