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Icons of Melbourne #5

The Melbourne Star revolves slowly on its unequal-star axis.
Colours pulse, change, move, are extinguished, then re-ignite the skyline.


Here is my  literal interpretation of a Melbourne icon.

See Tim’s interpretation here.

Melbourne Star
Melbourne Star


I attempted a more abstract interpretation.

A more abstract view of the Melbourne Star.
A more abstract view of the Melbourne Star.
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Icons of Melbourne

My husband Tim has been engaged in a 365 (or is it 366 because of the leap year?) photographic project for almost … well, almost 365 days now.

Tim has invited me to end this project with him, and so I will be uploading an iconic image as I see it: two views of the same icon.

Our perspectives are quite different: I tend to be more literal, where Tim often tends towards the abstract. As in many things, we complement each other.

Below is my take on the Royal Exhibition Building; here is Tim’s.

Royal Exhibition Building