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I was in Melbourne’s Bourke St mall last weekend, listening to Gareth, a fiercely talented pianist. I looked up and noticed this man on the edges of the crowd. The next day he was there again, listening to Gareth, hovering – drawn by the beautiful music, yet seeming reluctant to get too close.

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Urban scene.

I don’t generally do street photography, but I kind of liked the way the tree divided the scene so clearly.

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Bikes have a number of uses. They can be used as a means of transport, as a way of carrying parcels, as garden ornaments (someone might!)

Or they can be used as the vehicle for messages … why a bike though??



Because someone is peddling a message, perhaps??

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Listening to buskers is easy in Melbourne – there are so many of them and the vast majority are fantastic. Just like Kit Watts. Fabulous sound and a great performer.


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Retirement is good for my big sister Debbie. She was able to spend some time with us last week in Melbourne, and found plenty of pockets of solitude and quiet around the city. Here she is at Rippon Lea, a National Trust property, where she whiled away the afternoon.

You can read about her visit here.